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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA)- General and International Management

Obtain an US and AACSB-accredited degree while continuing with work in Germany.

The cooperative Executive MBA course of the Transatlantic Institute of the University of Economics and Society (HWG) and the College of Business of the University of West Florida (UWF) offers you the opportunity to obtain an international university degree without an extended stay abroad. Professors from international universities lead the face-to-face events at the Transatlantic Institute of the Ludwigshafen University of Economics and Society. All lectures are given in English. At the beginning and end of the program, you will spend two weeks on the campus of the University of West Florida in Pensacola.You will also find articles on this under the heading News.

Diversified activities are planned: case studies, group work, presentations and company projects make up the majority of the course. Due to the close contact to the American professors and the small group sizes, there is the opportunity to develop further in your personal areas of interest.


• accredited by AACSB
• all classes in English (100%)
• US-Degree (awarded by the UWF)
• tuition fees: 20.900,- Euro (Early bird discount 500 Euro until April, 30 th 2023)
• duration: 18 months
• part-time
• class sessions face-to-face in Ludwigshafen (Germany) and Pensacola (USA)
• two short term study periods at the University of West Florida (2 weeks each)
• Master Thesis integrated through 4 seperate portfolio paper projects
• small, interdisciplinary student groups
GMAT: min. 450 points (look special admission)TOEFL: min. 79 points
• offered for university graduates of all disciplines

Admission to the Executive MBA Program is based on the following requirements: 

  • University degree
  • At least 2 years of work experience

  • GMAT score of at least 450 points (waiver for 2024!)

  • TOEFL score of at least 79 points

  • Personal interview

The deadline for applications for the study year 2024_2025 is 09/30/2023.

Participants with a non-business degree (Engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, etc.) may demonstrate business fundamentals through work experience or by taking prerequisite courses at the Transatlantic Institute.


The "Graduate Management Admission Test" is a prerequisite for participating in AACSB-accredited MBA programs.
>> GMAT-Website)

The "Test of English as a Foreign Language" measures the ability of nonnative speakers of English to use and understand North American English as it is used in college and university settings.
>> TOEFL-Website

The program contains all classic subjects, which constitute an MBA degree in General and International Management:

Based on a solid foundation of knowledge in quantitative methods and modern information technology, the program addresses all major issues in controlling, financial management, operations management as well as marketing. Management and leadership skills are developed and extended in courses such as “Management and Organizational Behavior” and “Advanced Managerial Economics”.

Finally, the course “Strategic Management and Policy Formulation” concludes the MBA program by combining all managerial functions within one final course. This final project session requires a 2-week stay on the campus of the University of West Florida in Pensacola.

Download the course descriptions.


The program begins with a two-week stay in Pensacola, Florida, where three courses are started. These are completed on three weekends in Germany during the following three months. The remaining courses are held at the Transatlantik-Institut in Ludwigshafen on two weekends of each month (Friday 5 pm - 9 pm and Saturday 9 am - 5 pm ). Each course takes two months to be completed.

For each course, the particular faculty member will provide a detailed syllabus, which enables the participants to thoroughly prepare for the in-class lectures and specific assignments (presentations, case studies, group projects, written exams and company projects, etc.). The in-class lectures are complemented by virtual and self-directed learning phases.

The final course "Strategic Management and Policy Formulation" takes place on the campus of the University of West Florida in Pensacola.

Step 1 Explanation and consulting
Contact us ( Ms. Kathrin Paul or Ms. Annette Reder) by phone or e-mail. We will explain to you how the AACSB-accredited MBA program works and how you can best fulfill all the requirements for studying at UWF. To clarify whether you meet the requirements, you can also send us your CV and your (bachelor's) degree certificate in advance.

Step 2 Preparation and admission
After the initial interview, you will receive further information on what else you need to submit for successful admission and what your roadmap to study looks like.

Step 3 Enrollment and Visa
Enrollment at UWF starts in the fall and is a prerequisite for obtaining a valid student visa for your stay in January. We will actively guide you through this process.

Step 4 Study and network
You will start your studies at UWF in January and will be able to make your first valuable contacts with fellow students and TI and university staff in the US.


The lectures are given by professors from accredited and internationally renowned universities, predominantly from the United States. In order to prepare the participants for international, managerial challenges, all lectures are given in English only. Thereby, the participants do not only benefit from their additional knowledge or their well-practiced language skills. They also improve their intercultural skills by working closely with people from other cultures.

"I truly enjoy teaching in the MBA program for several reasons. First, the students are intellectually mature. Second, they are some of the hardest working MBA students I have ever seen. They show up ready to go. Third, they are inquisitive about everything. They want an answer and are not afraid to work for it. Finally, they have a cooperative nature to go along with their competiveness. They look out for each other both on campus and off. The bond that develops continues well after class. "
Prof. Dr. William E. Gillis
University of South Alabama
Course: MAN 6721 Strategic Management and Policy Formulation

"Of all the courses I teach, I enjoy MBA Management Accounting class the most. And I am especially fond of teaching the material to my international colleagues in Ludwigshafen. My course is a very practice-based approach to management accounting for evaluation and control. I think my students are sometimes surprised by how interesting and rewarding this financial analysis stuff can be. I am honored and proud to be a part of the program. The MBA candidates are intelligent, highly motivated, and they come to the classroom with a wide range of professional and international experiences. The teamwork spirit and comradery are inspiring to watch. The class sizes are small, and the students' professional experiences vary widely, so classmates have the opportunity to learn from each other, to discuss their professional experiences, and to share best practices. I am always humbled by what my classmates are able to teach me, every year, year-after-year. And beyond the classroom, the classmates develop personal friendships and professional contacts that will last a lifetime. From day one, we are all on a first-name basis. And by the time it is over, we are all good friends. I have maintained my friendship with dozens of former classmates over the past 12 years. I visit them in Germany and they visit me in Florida. No other MBA program can compare to this in terms of hands-on, personal-contact, active-learning environment. Oh, yes . . . I almost forgot to mention that the first three weeks and final three weeks of the MBA program are taught in beautiful, sunny, Pensacola, Florida!" 
Prof. Dr. Joseph Donelan
University of West Florida
Course: ACG6309 Accounting Aspects of Business Policy Determination

"The courses in the MBA program are some of the most rewarding classes I have ever taught. The students are top notch and a pleasure to teach. The international collaboration between our two universities provides a chance for both the students and professor to learn from one another.  It is my hope that I can continue to teach these courses for many years to come."
Prof. Dr. John Batchelor
University of West Florida
Course: MAN6156 Organizational Behavior

"The MBA program can be viewed as a set of connections.  On the individual side, students connect with each other, American students, experienced faculty and many others.  On the idea side, students make connections between material across courses, functions across a successful business and what separates a difference maker from the pack.  Each term, I look forward to connections I wasn't aware of."
Prof. Dr. Richard Hawkins 
University of West Florida
Course: ECP6705 Advanced Managerial Economics

"I've never been more impressed by graduate students than from Transatlantik-Institut. These are some of the most bright, eager-to-learn students one could ever hope to meet.  They're a pleasure to teach, but even more interestingly, they bring a great variety of experience and perspective from an amazing host of employers, and that allows us all to learn from one another."
Prof. Dr. Kevin Krieger
University of West Florida
Course: FIN6406 Financial Management

"Teaching my class in the MBA program offered by the Transatlantik-Institut and UWF is one of the high points of my year. The class I teach is a class in Business and Public Policy and the focus of the class is on the role Central Banks and monetary policy play in influencing interest rates, inflation, and economic growth in the economy. Since the class covers the activities of the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and the Bundesbank, teaching the class not only allows me to keep up to date on economic and policy developments in the Euro zone, but it allows my students to both gain an understanding of the similarities and differences in monetary policies between the U.S. and Europe and to develop an understanding of how those policies impact their business environment. Finally, teaching the class every year allows me to interact with some of the best and brightest students I have ever had the opportunity to teach. I look forward to being a part of this unique program for years to come." 
Prof. Dr. Richard Constand
University of West Florida
Course: GEB6895 Business and Public Policy


On a regular basis, we offer networking events for our alumni, students and everybody who is interested in the MBA program. This is a great opportunity to meet up with MBAs, current students, other interested people and prospective students.

The University of West Florida maintains a great network with special offers and regular events via its Alumni Association.

Read some of our alumni's opinions and comments about the MBA program.

"Dieses Programm ist vermutlich einer der schnellsten Wege – ohne abzukürzen – einen qualitativ hochwertigen MBA von einer der besten Business Schools in den USA zu erlangen. Erwarte ein hohes Tempo, anregende Diskussionen, einzigartige Menschen, klasse Essen, intensives Lernen und bleibende Erinnerungen."
Michael Weible, MBA (UWF)

One of the best things I have ever done!

It was not just about learning alone at home and working yourself through books and papers. It was a combination of studying and the adventure America! The two trips to the US were real high-lights: the Florida experience and the group feeling along with this great University, that Lifestyle and the US-Americans and their hospitality ­– I felt quite like being one of them after a very short time. It was an intensive schedule and a lot of work, but I wouldn’t hesitate to apply for this program again. In fact, I am starting to miss already.
Eugen Scherer, MBA (UWF) 

"The MBA degree will be definitely a door-opener for new jobs. If you tell people that you have done an executive MBA program while working full time, they will certainly recognize the effort you have taken. I also appreciated the short duration of the program of only 18 months."
Anne-Marie Rensland, MBA (UWF)

"I am working in Marketing in Sales, and I now have a much bigger base of educational und theoretical knowledge that helps me in very broad and general terms at work. Also, throughout the program we have worked a lot in groups and we have learned how to develop a team, and this has helped me also on the job where to find my spot and help my team to go together and to develop."
Sarah Engel, MBA (UWF)

"Soft skills are something you can hardly evaluate for yourself, but I recently had a performance review discussion with my boss, and he clearly said that he could see how I take more entrepreneurial positions now and that he has really seen a change in the way I deal with the people in my department, since I had started the program. As a result, I got a bigger project for the following year, which I consider an important career step. Especially the cases we worked on were very helpful for me, in order to be able to deal with future problems that might occur in real life."
Alex Hunsinger, MBA (UWF)

"I had a great opportunity at SAP as an MBA student already, when I was allowed to join the leadership summit which gave me insight about leadership from executive managers. That was a big advantage that I gained with this program. Furthermore, within the MBA program I learned a lot about team work, improved my time management and learned how to deal with high workloads, which are all skills that will be very beneficent in the future."
Julia Lakatos, MBA (UWF)

"I really liked the business simulation game, which just like a real life experience. I enjoyed working in teams a lot and I also think that most of the learning in the program resulted from the class discussions with my fellow students."
Marcel Steinleitner, MBA (UWF)

"Sowohl die betriebswirtschaftlichen Inhalte als auch die geforderte Disziplin tragen wesentlich zur Vorbereitung auf Jobs in der Wirtschaft bei und bilden Persönlichkeiten aus. Zudem ermöglicht es der interkulturelle Charakter des Studiums, praktische Erfahrungen in einem internationalen wissenschaftlichen Umfeld zu sammeln und zudem noch einen weltweit anerkannten Abschluss zu erlangen. Durch den engen Kontakt zu den amerikanischen Professoren und die kleinen Gruppengrößen erhält jeder einzelne die Möglichkeit, sich auch in seinen persönlichen Interessensgebieten weiter zu entwickeln."
Daniel Bosch, MBA (UWF) Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

"Das AACSB-akkreditierte MBA-Studium am Transatlantikinstitut in Kooperation mit der University of West Florida kam für mich genau zur rechten Zeit. Kaum den Abschluß in der Tasche, hat mich der berufliche Weg innerhalb des BASF-Konzerns zur WINGAS, einem Joint Venture mit Gazprom zur Vermarktung von Erdgas in Europa gebracht. Das industriespezifische Know-how mußte ich mir erst erarbeiten, der MBA-Kurs hat mich aber gut auf neue Herausforderungen in einem unbekannten Umfeld (-> Manage Ambiguity) vorbereitet. Heute leite ich den Bereich Trading und Operations bei der WINGAS UK in London, wo mir das durch den MBA erworbene Business English natürlich sehr hilft. Ganz besonders freut mich, daß sich Freundschaften, die sich während des MBA gebildet haben, seit über vier Jahren gehalten und vertieft haben."
Tobias Rop, MBA (UWF)

"Als ich 1990 mein Diplomstudium zum Chemieingenieur erfolgreich beendet hatte, arbeitete ich noch weitere drei Jahre an meiner Dissertation. Wirtschaftliche Vorlesungen - wie Unternehmensfinanzierung unter den Bedingungen einer globalen Weltwirtschaft, Marketingstrategien oder die Erstellung einer Bilanz nach GAAP - standen damals nicht auf dem Studienplan von Ingenieuren an Technischen Universitäten. Inzwischen gehören Begriffe und Konzepte wie Empowerment, Value Based Management, DCF oder die Balanced Scorecard zur Arbeitswelt von Ingenieuren. Im Rahmen der beruflichen Weiterbildung gibt es mittlerweile zwar recht gute Einzelseminare, jedoch sind diese nur bedingt geeignet um das Wissensgebiet als Ganzes nachhaltig abzudecken. Zudem beschleunigt die fortschreitende Globalisierung in Verbindung mit dem demographischen Wandel die Notwendigkeit zum professionellen "lebenslangen Lernen". Ich war deshalb begeistert, als ich von dem Angebot hörte, dass in Ludwigshafen die Möglichkeit geboten wird, berufsbegleitend ein Executive MBA-Studium mit Schwerpunkt "International Management" zu absolvieren. Durch die Kooperation mit der University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida werden alle Vorlesungen von amerikanischen Professoren gehalten, die alle über eine langjährige Industrieerfahrung verfügen und so die Studieninhalte authentisch und praxisnah vermitteln. Durch den mehrwöchigen Studienaufenthalt in Pensacola und den Gegenbesuch der amerikanischen Kommilitonen in Ludwigshafen ist Pensacola für mich fast schon so etwas wie eine "zweite Heimat" geworden. Auch vier Jahre nach dem Studium finden noch regelmäßige Treffen und Unternehmungen mit den Professoren der Universität statt." 
Dr.-Ing. Armin Ulonska, MBA (UWF) BASF SE

"After the UWF program, I started a new position within the area of strategic marketing. One of the main reasons I got this job is the MBA from UWF! Not the fact that I received a master degree, especially the UWF MBA qualified me for this new position. The UWF education enabled me to outpace candidates which had much more experience and knowledge in the industry. In my personal opinion the industry approach and the concept of the portfolio papers are a huge asset of the UWF MBA program and are extraordinarily valuable for every working professional. Furthermore, the learning about motivation and group dynamics has proven to be very important."
Michael Dürk, MBA (UWF)

"Die Bedeutung von Weiterbildung und lebenslangem Lernen wächst stetig. Dieser Entwicklung trägt der MBA-Studiengang der UWF in Kooperation mit dem TI Rechnung. Der international anerkannte Abschluss einer AACSB-akkreditierten Universität war so auch für mich ein entscheidender Schritt, um meine Karriere nachhaltig weiterhin in eine aussichts- und erfolgreiche Richtung zu lenken."
Philipp Rebling, MBA (UWF) Assistent Regionalleitung Nordwest, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH

"Es gab für mich mehrere Gründe für ein Executive MBA-Studium an der University of West Florida (UWF) das überwiegend am Transatlantik-Institut in Ludwigshafen durchgeführt wird. Die beiden wichtigsten Entscheidungskriterien für diesen Executive MBA waren die berufsbegleitende Form des Studiengangs und die ideale Ergänzung zu meiner beruflichen Tätigkeit als Verantwortlicher für die Zertifizierung von Rasenpflegegeräten. Mit meiner neuen Ausbildung und den neu erworbenen Kenntnissen kann ich meinen ganz persönlichen Beitrag zur zukünftigen Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie meines Arbeitgebers beitragen. Ich denke, eine MBA- oder Executive-MBA-Ausbildung ist an sich noch keine Garantie für eine erfolgreiche Karriere, aber es ist ein sehr wichtiger Grundbaustein, um Kenntnisse für die unternehmerischen Anforderungen in einer globalen Arbeitswelt zu erhalten. Auch den wechselnden und immer höher werdenden Herausforderungen in den Unternehmen fühle ich mich nun besser gewachsen. Ich habe bislang in meiner beruflichen Laufbahn ausschließlich im Bereich der Fahrzeug- und Maschinentechnik gearbeitet. Die wachsenden Anforderungen hinsichtlich Organisation und Wirtschaftlichkeitsuntersuchungen erforderten eine fundierte Ausbildung mit betriebswirtschaftlichen Schwerpunkten. Das Studium erlaubte mir, die im Beruf erarbeiteten Grundlagen in diesem Bereich zu verstehen und in den richtigen Kontext einzuordnen." 
Dipl.-Ing. Reinhard Frank, MBA (UWF) John Deere

„Das MBA Studium des TI in Kooperation mit der University of West Florida war für mich die ideale Verknüpfung von Weiterbildung und Internationalität. Da das Programm berufsbegleitend ausgerichtet ist, war der persönliche Einsatz auch allemal leistbar. Die zwei Jahre waren sicherlich durch einigen persönlichen Aufwand geprägt. Aber eines ist für mich ganz eindeutig klar: Der Aufwand hat sich letztendlich mehr als ausgezahlt. Meine jetzige Position bei Daimler Trucks North America in Detroit habe ich sicherlich auch meinem AACSB-akkreditierten MBA zu verdanken. Die Betreuung und der Support durch das MBA Team sowohl in good old Germany als auch in den USA möchte ich als nahezu familiär beschreiben - danke dafür!“
Dietmar Hermes, MBA (UWF) Daimler Trucks North America Director Manufacturing Engineering Detroit Diesel Company

„Das MBA Programm am TI in Kooperation mit der UWF hat mir neben der erworbenen Qualifikation und den gewonnenen Fachkenntnissen auch viel Spaß bereitet und interessante neue Kontakte in einem internationalen Umfeld vermittelt. Auch im Hinblick auf meine weitere Karriereplanung hat sich die Investiotion von Zeit und Engagement für das berufsbegleitende Studium bereits mehr als ausgezahlt.“
Peter Seider, MBA (UWF) Senior Product Specialist SAP Products & Solutions Strategic Customer Unit SAP AG

"Als ehemaligem BA-Student war es mir zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt wichtig, mein Diplom aufzuwerten,und mir vor allem tiefergehendes Executive Know-How anzueignen. Während des berufsbegleitenden MBAs war ich als  Sales Manager für einen Weltkonzern tätig, und kann sagen, dass man dieses MBA Programm  auch bei sehr Reise-intensiven Jobs  bewältigen kann. Die Betreuung sowohl von Seiten des deutschen als auch des amerikanischen Teams war stets vorbildhaft und einwandfrei.ch kann dieses Programm jedem herzlichst empfehlen."
Daniel D. Schambach Diplom Betriebswirt (BA), MBA (UWF)
Vertriebsdirektor Schienenfahrzeuge Region West Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.

"In my position as manager of an EMEA wide operating department at Univar Europe, actually based in the Netherlands,the experience gained during my international Master’s degree in
Business Administration was an indispensable foundation for my every day work life.
Looking at the position I have reached until now,  this MBA definitely was one of my key qualifications to make it this far. This MBA is an enabler based on which you have to proof yourself in
practice and, combined with hard work, you can truly leverage on your  career."
Thomas York Goetz, Dipl.-Kfm, MBA (UWF) Manager Marketing Impact EMEA, Univar Europe

"Der MBA der University of West Florida war für mich als Übersetzer durch die fachliche und internationale Ausrichtung die perfekte Ergänzung zu meinem deutschen Diplom. Und Wirtschaftswissenschaften an einer amerikanischen Hochschule studieren zu können,ohne umziehen oder den Job wechseln zu müssen halte ich immer noch für schlicht genial."
Joachim von Hunnius, Dipl.-Übers., MBA (UWF)

AASCB and Ranking

The accreditation of the UWF College of Business by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AASCB) guarantees the highest standards of teaching and knowledge transfer. Less than 5% of business schools worldwide have been awarded this seal of approval.

In June 2019, the University of West Florida was recognized as an outstanding university for the third time in a row. The UWF ranks second in the Florida State University System, which in turn has been named the best in the country.

The UWF was graded on the basis of good graduation rates, a high employment rate of alumni after graduation, as well as continuous improvement of student support throughout the course. Another goal in which the university sees itself confirmed by the award is to provide strategic advice to students with regard to their career prospects. You can find out more about the performance of the University of West Florida in this ranking here.

Success and Employment

The Executive MBA in General and International Management is the ideal qualification for a career with managerial responsibility. The degree is awarded by the University of West Florida and is also recognized worldwide due to the AACSB accreditation. This particularly qualifies for positions in internationally operating companies.

Graduates from all disciplines have the opportunity to acquire business and management know-how in a short period of time and to prepare for responsible positions and management tasks in an international environment. In addition, a holistic, practical picture of the processes and relationships in an economic company can be obtained.

The systematic planning of the courses and the level of the learning scope enable the program to be carried out even when fully employed. This offers the opportunity to obtain a US degree without changing location or interrupting employment in Germany.The ideal location of the Transatlantic Institute in the center of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, with short distances to Heidelberg, Mannheim, Kaiserslautern and Mainz, also makes it easy to reach the institute by public transportation on weekends.

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